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Cloud services to support your DevSecOps process

DevSecOps is a security check process added to the DevOps concept, which aims to link software development and operations, shorten delivery time, and build a cycle of continuous improvement. For companies promoting DX (Digital Transformation), continuous utilization of IT assets based on the concept of DevSecOps is an important corporate activity.

We support the continuous and effective utilization of your IT assets with "Vulnerability checking services", "Automatic design document generation and management services", and "Screen capture management services", in addition to various migration services that efficiently bring legacy systems into the DevSecOps process.

Our Cloud services

Application vulnerability scanning
Automatic design document generation
Screen Capture Management Service

What is the "optimal solution" to modernize the existing system?

"Migration" is the answer.

On Demand One offers a variety of migration solutions, including Server, Database, Framework, GUI, Language, Web System, Mobile, Application, and Blockchain.

Modernization Offerings

Enabling Modernization
Migration from Oracle to SQL Server / PostgreSQL
Oracle Forms to Windows Form
Migration from PowerBuilder to .NET
IE to Chrome/Edge migration service

Migration Offerings

  • Upgrade
  • From Commercial OS to OSS
  • On-premise to cloud server
  • Upgrade to the latest version
  • From Commercial Database to OSS
  • From RDB to NoSQL Database
  • From RDB to Hadoop
  • Upgrade to the latest version of the framework
  • From Flash to HTML5
Computer Language Migration
  • Modernization from the older programing language to the new one
Web System
  • Converting an Old Web System to a New Web System
  • Paid Web Server to Free Web Server
  • Migrating iOS Applications to Hybrid Development
  • Migrate Android Applications to Hybrid Development
  • Effective use of Notes data in various systems
  • Centralized Management System to Blockchain