Automated design document generation, update and management service

Is there any system in the world in which the design document and the actual application match perfectly? In the case of systems created using agile methods, the design document may not exist at the beginning. Even in the case of a waterfall style development, specification changes are often made at the request of stakeholders during the development stage, resulting in a gap between the design document and the system, which has become a problem.

Synchronization of design documents and systems is very important for the DevSecOps cycle of development and operations. AppDocOne, On Demand One's "automatic design document update and management service," will free you from the problem of divergence between design documents and systems.

Automatic generation, updating, and management of AppDecOne design documents

  • AppDocOne generates design document information from application source code and stores it in the cloud.
  • You can enter any comments and notes in the generated design document information.
  • When daily system modifications, additions or changes of functions are made, the design document information can be updated with the merge function. Previously entered comments and notes are retained.
  • Design document information is managed in the cloud with version, and any version of a design document can be downloaded as an Excel file at any time.

Automatic Design Document Generation with AppDocOne

Page Analysis using Chrome Extension

When you subscribe to AppDocOne, you can download the Chrome Extension from the AppDocOne website.
Please install the downloaded extension to your Chrome browser.

Open the web page where you want to automatically generate design documents, and open the AppDocOne extension.
Enter your Project ID, Upload ID, and password, then click the "Analyze Page" button.

The page contains a form at the bottom,and you will find fields for entering your inquiry and other information.

When the analysis is successfully completed, an upload completion message will be displayed as shown below.

When you open the AppDocOne upload list screen, you can view and edit the screen information of the application that performed the page analysis.

Generated Design Documents - Item Numbered Screenshots

A screenshot is generated with numbered input and link items and a list of item types and link information corresponding to the number.

Generated design documents -List of items corresponding to number-
Editing Design Documents

The list of items created includes a Remarks field, a TAB order entry field, and a Description entry field, which can be entered and saved from the AppDocOne screen.

Analyzed and updated screen information can be downloaded in Excel file format.

Download Design Documents (Excel file)

Change History


Item List

Updating a design form -Add an input field and update the design form-

Add a cell phone number input field to the screen. The information on that screen is imported into AppDocOne.

Open this screen in the app and use the Chrome extension to upload the HTML information to AppDocOne.

Design document created by AppDocOne - Screen information with item numbers -

Numbers are re-assigned including the added cell phone number entry fields.

Design document automatically updated by AppDocOne -Item List-

The cell phone number entry field has been added to the list. In addition, the remarks and description fields entered in the initial list are still shown as they were registered.

Design document change history -Version control-

You can manage versions such as an original one as Version 1 and modified one as Version 2.

The line for the first version creation is pre-populated. You can add description for version 2.0 as below.