Modernization services offer a variety of migrations.

Convert VB6/PowerBuilder/Delphi applications into Web applications

Maximize the Benefits of Web-based Applications!

Web applications have the following advantages over client-server applications.

  • Can be used on any client device
  • Can be used anywhere, anytime
  • Low development cost
  • Easier operation and maintenance
  • Easier to secure engineers

Web apploications with ASP.NET Core Blazor Server architecture.

By adopting the "ASP.NET Core Blazor Server" architecture developed by Microsoft, we can achieve affinity with .NET and efficient development using Microsoft tools such as Visual Studio.

The logic and screen information of the original client-server program is converted to Web application so that development human resources can be significantly reduced compared to developing a Web application from scratch.

Key Technologies Used for Web Conversion


  • Framework for building Web UIs using C# instead of JavaScript
  • Server and client-side logic implemented in .NET can be shared

Blazor Server

  • Provides support for hosting Razor Components on the server in ASP.NET Core apps
  • UI updates handled via SignalR connection (requires constant connection via WebSockets, etc.)

Razer Component

  • Components written in Razor markup syntax (can be mixed C# and HTML)
  • Efficient development with Visual Studio's Razor support
  • Flexible UI logic, event implementation, and reuse

Conversion image

Why ASP.NET Core Blazor Server?

  • ASP.NET Core Blazor Server is compatible with .NET, and can achieve efficient development using Microsoft's tools such as Visual Studio.
  • Because the development tools are unified in Visual Studio, development efficiency such as debugging is high.
  • Compared to Blazor WebAssembly, which is a comparison target, there is no need to extract logic and convert it into an API, which is an advantage for migration from Windows applications.
  • Superior maintainability since the logic code base is mostly unified in C#.
  • C# code is not distributed to the browser, which is advantageous in terms of security.


  • Browser and server are always connected by SignalR, so the number of connections must be carefully considered when determining server resources.
  • Since this is a migration process, and adjustments are made after mechanical conversion of the base code, it is inferior to scratch in terms of code readability and configuration.
  • The change from a Windows app to a Web app may not always be consistent in terms of appearance and usability.

What is SignalR?
ASP.NET SignalR is a library for ASP.NET developers that simplifies the process of adding real-time web capabilities to their applications. Real-time web functionality is the ability to push content in server code as soon as a connected client is available, rather than waiting for the server to request new data from the client.

What is Blazor WebAssembly?
Blazor WebAssembly is a mechanism for building interactive client-side web apps using . Blazor WebAssembly uses open web standards without plug-ins or recompiling code into other languages. Blazor WebAssembly works with all modern web browsers, including mobile browsers.