Our modernization services offer a variety of migration options.

Migration from Oracle to SQL Server/PostgreSQL - Cut the cost of using Oracle. -

Targets of Migration

Oracle with a client-server configuration in a Windows application.


As Oracle moves to the cloud, the cost of using Oracle for desktop applications has become an issue.

Migration Details

  • Database
    - Tables, indexes, views, material views
    - Synonyms, sequences, triggers, database links, packages
    - Functions, Procedures
  • SQL Programs
    - Procedures, Functions
    - SQL to access to a database
    - OUTER JOIN adjustment
    - Tuning Built-in Functions
    - NULL/empty character adjustment
    - Coordinate procedure calls

Migration Flow

  1. Quotation
    - Extract each parameter in the assessment tool and aggregate the required metrics.
    - We will send you a quotation.
  2. Contract
  3. Receiving Resources
    Receive source code and documentation, database dumps, etc.
  4. Scrutiny of received materials
    Lack of source code, version differences, missing references in the database, missing database objects, etc.
  5. Conversion work
    The actual conversion process is performed for each resource in the database.
  6. Application test
    - Functional Test: If test cases are available, testing will be performed with them.
    - May manually modify the code for any system errors.
  7. Delivery
  8. Comparison test of old and new systems
    Acceptance testing is performed to ensure that the old and new systems operate identically.
  9. Parallel run
    1-2 months of parallel operations will be conducted.
  10. production run
    Note: We mainly perform work from 1-7.