Our modernization services offer a variety of migration options.

Conversion from OracleForms to Windows Form


Converts applications built with OracleForms to Windows Form applications. By operating in a click-once environment, you can experience the same operability as with OracleForms.

Conversion process

Database structure is used as is
  • Shortened migration time because database re-design is not required.
Extract configuration files from OracleForms in XML.
  • Use the tools provided with OracleForms.
Generate Winodows Form source code with our original conversion tool.
  • Read the structure of Canvas/Block/Trigger and convert it to Winodws Form code.
Adjust Trigger code
  • Manual adjustments may be made for areas that could not be handled by the conversion tools.


Operational environment similar to OracleForms.
  • Click-once operation provides an operating environment similar to OracleForms.
  • Application can be delivered from the server. Partial delivery of only the changed part is also possible.
Code changes are made on VisualStudio.
  • Screen changes can be done with VisualStudio.


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