Our modernization services offer a variety of migration options.

PowerBuilder to .NET ― Migration from PowerBuilder to .NET ―


with continued use of PowerBuilder

  • Due to the shortage of PowerBuilder engineers, the need to migrate to .NET
  • The latest version of PowerBuilder(Version 2019) is not available in Japanese.
  • There is little information on programming on the Internet.


of Moving to .NET

  • .NET engineers are large in number and have no concerns about maintenance after the transition.
  • Microsoft's VisualStudio is evolving very fast.
  • There is a lot of information about .NET programming on the Internet.

We can migrate from PowerBuilder to the following .NET solutions.


Convert to REACT-based web system.


Convert to WPF-based Window applications

Features of our services

We will achieve a high quality migration in a short period of time

by leveraging our KnowHow of VB to .NET conversion services.

From quotation to delivery and operation.

  1. Quotation
    - Extract each parameter in the assessment tool and aggregate the required metrics.
    - We will send you a quotation.
  2. Contract
  3. Receiving Resources
    Receive source code and documentation, database dumps, etc.
  4. Scrutiny of received materials
    Lack of source code, version differences, missing references in the database, missing database objects, etc.
  5. Conversion work
    Conversion is performed until there are no more compilation errors.
  6. Application test
    -Test for normal operation. If test cases are available, testing is performed according to them.
    - Manually modify the code if necessary.
  7. Delivery
  8. Comparison test of old and new systems
    Acceptance testing is performed to ensure that the old and new systems operate identically.
  9. Parallel run
    1-2 months of parallel operations will be conducted.
  10. production run
    Note: We mainly perform work from 1-7.