Screen Capture Management Service

You may take a lot of screenshots in application testing, store them in Excel and manually manage them.

By using On Demand One's "Screen Capture Management Service TestSupportOne," all captured information can be stored in the cloud, and you can confirm the captures. The number of taken and confirmed captures are visualized so that you can see the progress at a glance. In addition, you can download the captured data as an Excel file, which you can provide to your clients as a deliverable.

Capture Management by TestSupportOne

  • By storing captures in the cloud, all members in the team can access at any time.
  • You can easily grasp the progress at any time.
  • Comments can be added to the registered captures to share any information amoug members.
  • The history of registered captures is maintained, so you can easily compare captures before and after functional modification.
  • Acquired capture images can be downloaded from the cloud in a formatted Excel file, so they can be stored and submitted as deliverables as they are.
  • Test specifications prepared in advance can be uploaded, and captures can be acquired and saved according to the specifications.
  • In case fo web application, captures can be managed for each browser.

Visualization of progress


Comments as a communication tool


Comparison of old and new screens in the cloud